The Driven Compass is an independent small business owned and operated by Dana Eddy, LVT, CVPM. Dana has more than 12 years of experience overseeing small business operations, with a focus in clinical office space, though her skills can be applied towards any type of business. The Driven Compass provides direction and focus to help you find the way to better business.

Think of The Driven Compass as your business partner. We provide assistance in a complete range of business services including general operations, accounting and finance, human resources, safety, marketing and client service. We have the flexibility to work with you as your needs determine, through short-term projects or fulfilling a longer-term need.

General Operations – The Driven Compass can help you streamline your work flow efficiencies and create policies and procedures to ensure high performance. We can guide you through the process of putting systems in place that help you focus your efforts on growing your business.

Accounting and Finance – The Driven Compass can work with you to set up your payroll, budgets and chart of accounts. We can also handle your bookkeeping and track expenses. On a more strategic level, we can identify and measure benchmarks, review contracts and assist with term renegotiations. Let us work with you to build your business, add new services and generate more income.

Human Resources and Safety – Keeping employees happy and safe is critical for a successful business, let us help by writing employment policies and manuals, or creating OSHA-approved safety manuals. We can partner with you to build a team environment through training, mentoring and performance appraisal design and implementation. We can also assist with the lengthy processes of recruitment and hiring, as well as in the administration of benefits and record retention.

Marketing and Client Service – Keeping current clients happy and attracting new ones can be a challenge, especially in a small business environment. The Driven Compass can provide an extra hand to market your business and maintain good relationships with current customers. Let us help you identify marketing opportunities, develop and implement a marketing plan, develop client loyalty and retention programs and even attend events on your behalf.

The Driven Compass mission is to provide small companies with a complete range of business consulting services that help them grow and succeed through better management of their operations, finances and employees.

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